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inForce Insights strives to provide accurate, ethical, and individualized results to our clients through our proven process. Whether you have one policy or one thousand we stand behind our expertise and guidance from start to ongoing policy management.


$1.1 Billion of Death Benefit Managed

We are proud to serve families who have trusted us with their legacy planning at a time when they need it most. We have been able to help restructure and preserve millions of dollars in death benefit by understanding each clients goals and finding unique solutions.


Over $20 Million in Life Settlements Delivered to Beneficiaries

Making a living gift of your life insurance policy can be one of the most unexpected and rewarding ways to use your policy. However, establishing a life settlement can be tricky and very costly if it is done improperly. inForce Insights will guide you through the process and identify how much your policy may be worth. We can help you avoid the common pitfalls that arise from life settlement transactions.


750 Families Advised

inForce Insights works with families and trustees to provide ongoing guidance and policy monitoring year after year. We have a strong track record delivering solutions at the right time to maximize benefits to families. You can trust us to advise your policy, no matter the size.


Our Promise

inForce Insights works diligently and tirelessly on each of our clients’ policies. We aren't looking for the quick fix – we strive to find the right solution and correctly implement the advised strategies. At the end of our proven process you will have a deep understanding about what your insurance investment does, the insurance company, the overall strategy, and an ongoing review to make sure that your legacy is protected long into the future.

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Chad Neifer CFP® MSFS  /  Founder

Built on Trust

With over 20 years of experience in the rapidly-changing insurance industry, Chad Neifer exemplifies the professional standard of proactive policy management. He is recognized as one of the foremost life insurance planning experts in the country.

He is renowned for his large case expertise and creative planning solutions that have given expert insights to agents, trustees, insureds, and other advisors.

Chad has and is committed to the customers of the insurance community, and has worked in all levels of life insurance distribution. He also co-founded the premier software for policy management Proformex.

People deserve to have full trust that their insurance is working for them the way they intended it to. However, the goals of the insurance company and insurance customer are not always aligned. Many factors like interest rates change over time. This makes it critical to have an ongoing understanding and awareness of their investment.

– Chad Neifer, MSFS, CFP - Founder

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