The iFI Promise

Working in conjunction with industry leaders and insurance companies, inForce Insights has a comprehensive process to identify issues and provide solutions. We combine this expertise with an easy to use, powerful technology which provides a simplified, automated, and effective solutions to streamline ongoing policy management.


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that our clients’ insurance contracts are performing as intended. We present quick and accurate solutions to help policy-related advisors manage, track, and analyze the health of their existing plans.

Our Values

inForce Insights pours the same, hard-working due diligence into each of our clients’ policies. Operating as a co-fiduciary, it's our commitment to secure the most desirable outcomes for each policy that we manage.
Each Person is Important
At Inforce Insights, we know that life happens. All families can face changes in health, finances or family dynamics. By understanding those changes, we can better tailor our advice and recommendations to meet your needs — both today and tomorrow.
Every Decision is Informed
All of our clients have goals in life — that’s why you have done the important planning needed to get you here. Whether that planning is to meet your financial goals, leave a lasting legacy for your family or charity, or simply for peace of mind, Inforce Insights can help you achieve YOUR goals.
Lasting Legacy
Life insurance is a wonderful gift. Using your life insurance to leave behind financial security for your family or favorite charity is one of the most generous things you can do. We strive to help you maximize your generosity and we may even be able to help you achieve your goals in the present day!

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