How We Can Serve You

At inForce Insights, our results are based on your changing needs. We can help with both simple policy questions and complex policy monitoring and management. We track and record the effectiveness of
each client’s outcome to provide a deeper understanding of our proven-effective process.

Second Opinion

If you simply need a second-look at your life insurance policy or a secondary opinion for consultative review, we can provide a comprehensive review and analysis of your life insurance policy – including recommendations for potential changes.

Policy Consulting

We guide and strategically advise on all aspects of inforce life insurance policies through a proven process that includes technical analysis, policy forensics, industry benchmarking, and more.

Ongoing Monitoring & Consulting

We partner with Proformex, a secure online portal for streamlined data collection and current policy monitoring based on pre-set tracking points, to continually monitor your policy.

Fiduciary Support

Our ongoing proven process of analysis and advisory services leads to advocacy – supporting fiduciaries and policyholders alike. We've built a time-tested framework for the ongoing support and protection for fiduciaries managing life insurance policies.

Life Settlement Evaluations

Our unique positioning and experience in the marketplace allows us to provide premier industry-leading efficient life settlement evaluations. Our proven process for advisory and consulting services allows for a fair and honest evaluation.


Policy Results

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to your policy. We help guide you through the ifs and arrive at an answer. Here are a few of the possible outcomes that we may enact.

Policy Restructure

Restructured Plan

A new policy and plan design may present a more desirable result based on market conditions, current health status, and the policy holder’s evolving goals.

Policy Modification

Policy Modification

In some cases, remodeling the current policy is the best course-of-action. Examples include reduced premiums, reduced "paid-up death benefit," or a change of dividend options. All of which don't require a newly developed plan.

Additional Coverage

Additional Coverage

If we identify gaps in the policy, we recommend the optimal amount of additional coverage types for complete protection.

No Change in Policy

No Change in Plan

When a plan passes our rigorous investigation, both the client and fiduciary can rest assured knowing that their current policy is structurally healthy.

Surrender or Sale of Policy

Surrender or Sale of Policy

In certain scenarios, it may be best to surrender or sell off the policy. You can rest assured that we have your best interests in mind and that you will always remain in control of your plan.


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