What iF I...?

In a landscape of complicated financial tools and decisions, people often overlook their life insurance policies.  Life insurance is a complex financial tool that needs to be reviewed and adjusted regularly like other financial product.  inForce Insights provides the tools and expertise to provide guidance and monitoring of your life insurance portfolio to ensure they properly align with your goals, budget and overall planning.

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The iFI Process


We start with a thorough examination of your policy, current statements, and an interview.  We determine your coverage goals and changes that may have occurred since your policy was issued.  We then consider your health, tax law changes, product performance and other factors. This allows us to identify options for your coverage and stay ahead of any potential policy issues.


After gaining an understanding of how you want your life insurance to work for you, we work to explore options to best align your policies with your goals and financial resources. We educate you on options for your existing policies as well as other strategies that may be appropriate so you can make an informed decision regarding your life insurance.


Once the appropriate solution has been determined, we work with all necessary parties to ensure the solution is implemented properly and in a timely fashion. We then integrate the new solution into our cutting edge policy management and monitoring system. Your policy is managed to the expectations you established. This helps ensure your solution stays on track year after year.


What iF I...?


“I never knew that I could get such clear and helpful answers to my life insurance policy questions.”

The iFI Benefits


Maximize Growth

Our proprietary process ensures that your policy investment is optimized – whether that means a change in the premium structure, identifying a more competitive product, or utilizing features you may not have known you had.  Our expertise will help you decide with informed options to maximize your benefits.


Reduce Risk

Our proven process manages risk in your life insurance portfolio through organized reporting and management.  This is coupled with an insightful understanding of your policies performance and potential risks, as well, as changes to your insurance companies financial ratings over time.


Fiduciary Support

If you're a fiduciary, you need special support and guidance to help you oversee the life insurance policies you manage.  Our fiduciary support monitors, analyzes and evaluates your trust-owned policies to help identify potential issues long before they are a crisis.  We also, are here to provide viable solutions and advice on your portfolio.


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