The iFI Process

Our process involves constantly and consistently monitoring your policies to deliver reliable and customized outcomes. We want to give you confidence in the health and longevity of your life insurance portfolio. We work to ensure every policy reaches its intended goal.

After reviewing your portfolio, our experienced consultants evaluate the results and coordinate the current policy to match your unique goals.



In the face of an ever-changing industry, we assure constant evaluation in order to maintain the original intent of your policy. We examine all possible changes to the health of the insureds, estate tax laws, and insurance carrier financial strength in order to get in front of potential policy issues.



Throughout the advising process, our goal is to best align the policy with your goals. This can mean making changes to the existing policy, or deciding that it may be time for an entirely new one.



After policy changes occur, we do not simply close the file and walk away. We keep an eye on all activity so that when urgent matters arise, we are able to bring them to your attention immediately. Meeting your fiduciary responsibilities while having a clear understanding of your portfolio has never been this easy!